About Us

KateStevens sells carefully selected high quality brands products that cater to specific customer needs. With Great Services at Affordable Prices, Our Western and Korean beauty products are for women and men from all ages and cultures. We aim to bring you the best shopping experience on the Internet.

As a leading cosmetics business, we are determined to distribute, promote and make available to end consumers conveniently high-quality cosmetics brands at affordable prices.

So, get inspired and find the product you will love. Each product we carry meets the specify beauty standard and contain effective, natural and some safer synthetic ingredients.

We've narrowed our products down to the very best. We have chosen the brands that respect and formulate their products effectively to meet your beauty and skin's needs that transform for the better you.


KateStevens aim to consistently meet the desires, needs and expectations of our customers with high-quality cosmetic products and services. We strive to build and maintain long term relationships with our consumers as well as all other stakeholders based on trust and reciprocity.


We aim to bring Western and Korean cosmetic care products to meet your every need.


Beauty: We aim to helps bring out the natural beauty of every woman/men to embraces and feel comfortable in all situations. Resulting to showing off his/her uniqueness and loveable body.

Honesty and Trust: We build and maintain honest relationships with our employees, users, business partners, customers, community and all other stakeholders.

Quality: We continuously strive for a high and steady quality of our products/brands and services.

Customers: We endeavor to build and maintain lifetime trust worthy relationships with our customers

Tradition: We have a dedicated team of highly trained, motivated and professional employees who deliver excellent service always.

We take pride in working with manufacturers of high-quality cosmetic products, lookouts on new development and latest trends products in the cosmetic industry that meet consumer wishes, needs and expectations.

Founded in 2017, KateStevens LLc is a family owned store. Our headquarters is Maryland USA to providing easy access to thousands of products to meet your individual online shopping needs.

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